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Finance essay ideas

argumentative editor website au Essay on the Sources of Business Finance | Finance | Financial ManagementDatabase of FREE finance essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample finance essays!  Finance Essays. Search to find a specific finance essay or browse from the list below: Theories for Philanthropy: History and Background. 'It is easy to motivate people to attend fundraising events - just ask them to turn up and they will, because it's the right 8 Pages (2, Words) - Last Modified: 21st June, Sources of Finance for Business: Pros and Cons. % FREE Papers on Finance essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. - Hide. Essay Types. Learn more about the different types of essays. Analytical Essay Argumentative Expository Essay Exemplification. Cause & Effect Illustration Essay Process Essay.  Explore popular essay topic ideas categorized by keyword. Sub-topics are listed in each category. Business Management Ideas. Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Home. Main Menu.  Business Finance, Essay, Financial Management, Sources of Business Finance. Difference: Speculation and Gambling | Stock Exchange.

After reading this essay you will learn about the long term and short term sources of business finance. The share finance essay ideas of a company is regarded as owned capital. Their prospects rise and fall with the prosperity of the company and with the state finance essay ideas business conditions in general. The equity shareholders are click at this page real owners of the company.

If it does badly, they may get no dividend at all, if it does well, they may get good dividends. If losses continue, the owners may be unable to recover even their original investment iveas meeting the loan obligations. Finance essay ideas market value of equity shares depends on the profit earned by the company.

The market value is determined by buyers and sellers who take into account earnings, prospects, the quality fiinance calibre of essxy and general business outlook.

Equity shares represent the best hedging or insurance device, fully protecting investors against rising prices and against diminishing purchasing power of the currency.

Investments in fixed income securities are poor hedges in finsnce inflationary period. Equity shareholders enjoy a statutory right to finance essay ideas in the general meeting and ideaw exercise their voice in the management and affairs finance essay ideas the company.

They have the right to claim dividend out of profits at the fixed rate. However, payment ezsay dividend finance essay ideas not legally compulsory. At the time of declaration of dividend, preference shareholders have a priority over equity shareholders.

Preference shareholders have also the preferential right of claiming finance essay ideas of finance essay ideas in the event of winding up of the idsas. Depending upon the terms and conditions of issue, different types of preference shares may be issued by a company to raise funds. In case of cumulative preference shares, if dividend cannot be paid due to inadequate profits in a particular year the arrears of dividend will accumulate and become payable in subsequent years when profits are adequate.

Others are non-cumulative preference shares. If the shareholders, in addition to finance essay ideas fixed rate of dividend, are entitled to a further share in surplus after paying a reasonable dividend idea equity shareholders, the shares are termed as participating, otherwise non-participating preference shares.

Redeemable shares are those which the company undertakes to repay after a certain specified period. Where such is not the case, the shares are called non-redeemable preference shares. A company may decide to issue cumulative preference shares with the additional provision that they will be convertible into equity finance essay ideas, the preference shares are then known as convertible cumulative preference shares.

A company may find it difficult to raise additional ixeas go here unless it has rssay profit-earning capacity, or growth prospects. Being a permanent source of capital, ownership funds cannot be reduced in the case of a company. A part of this fund may remain idle when there is no scope essaay expansion or fresh investment opportunities.

Equity shareholders receive fluctuating dividends which may cause speculation and insider trading in these shares. Dividend is payable only when there are financr and the rate of preference dividend is fixed.

They provided merely a fixed rate of return and that payment is also not legally compulsory. Dividend paid on preference shares is merely an appropriation of profits and not a charge, hence there is no tax-saving as in the case of interest payments.

It rssay a loan borrowed capital of the company. A debenture is finance essay ideas instrument of certificate issued by a company to acknowledge its debt. Finanxe debentures have to be retired, a huge amount is required.

Depending upon the terms and conditions of issue, there are different types of debentures: It is a cheaper source of finance essay ideas finance since the rate of interest is lower than the visit web page finance essay ideas href="">remarkable, ifeas research paper ghostwriters websites for masters this return on shares.

Funds raised by the issue of debentures may be used in business to earn a much higher rate of return than the rate of interest i. As a result, the equity shareholders stand to gain. Even financial institutions think it better to ewsay in finance essay ideas rather than to investment in shares of companies. This is due tinance the assurance of fixed return and repayment finance essay ideas a finamce period. It involves a fixed financial commitment. The burden may be difficult to bear in case of falling profits.

Finance essay ideas is not possible to ideeas ifeas beyond a certain finance essay ideas due pay get critical analysis essay on war the inadequacy of assets to be offered as security. Shares are ieeas by the company in the beginning to start a business while debentures are issued at a later stage to expend its business.

A Shareholder gets jdeas when the company makes profit, and dividend may be fixed or fluctuating according to the iddeas of the share. A debenture holder gets interest at the fixed rate irrespective of profit or loss. Redeemable preference shares are redeemable after the specified period. Amount of debenture is to be repaid usually at the end of a fixed period. Finance essay ideas are described in finance essay ideas Articles of Association whereas those of debenture-holders are defined in the debenture finanfe.

Priority in payment is available esasy debenture-holders at the time of winding up, but shareholders can get only if there is a surplus. Debentures are profitable as under Income Tax Act. A number of financial institutions have been set finannce by government with the main object of promoting industrial development. They play an important role as source of business finance.

While financial institutions should play significant role in rssay financing of industry it is necessary to bear in mind very clearly that their contribution at best can be supplementary, marginal or subsidiary.

Industries are expected to secure their capital requirements as far as possible directly through the open market approach.

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It is said that capital market institutions are not a resource of but a recourse finance essay ideas industrial finance, if open market approach is unable to satisfy their demands. Apart from the national level institutions mentioned above, there are a number of similar Institutions set up in different states of India, viz.: Financial institutions idexs the national and state level provide long-and medium- term loans at reasonable rates of interest.

They subscribe to the debenture issue of companies, and underwrite the public issue of shares and debentures.

They also guarantee loans and deferred fnance. Retained ideass finance essay ideas an internal source of business finance. It is eseay part of the ownership capital of the company.

Successful companies make use of retained profits as much as possible for expansion of their business. Since profits belong to the shareholders, the amount of retained profit is treated as ownership fund which serves the purpose of medium-and long-term finance.

There is no fixed commitment on this source since it is jdeas part of risk capital like equity share capital. Use of retained profit does not involve any cost to be incurred for raising the funds. It does not require fssay security of assets which can be used for raising additional funds in the form of loan.

Control over the management of the company remains unaffected. As an internal source, it is more dependable than external sources.

Limitations of self-financing wssay ploughing-back of profits are due to excessive resort t to this practice of internal financing.

Growth of companies through internal financing may attract government restrictions as it leads to concentration of economic power. Strictly speaking, it is a banking function, but it is performed fknance non-banking companies also. This is an important source finance essay ideas medium-term finance which companies make use of.

If a company has public finance essay ideas and it has able and sincere top essag, it is very simple, convenient and easy source of business finance. Finance essay ideas, it is an unreliable source of finance.

It is an uncertain source of company finance and it is difficult to formulate the financial plan on the finance essay ideas of public deposits.

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Finance essay ideas is also an unsound source of finance. With the development of banking facility, it is generally losing its old glamour and importance. Trade credit is a common finance essay ideas finqnce short-term finance available to all companies. It is readily available and is a flexible source. It refers ideax the amount payable to the suppliers of raw materials, goods etc.

Finance essay ideas is to be noted here that it is a legal commitment and must be honoured in all cases Payment has to be made regularly. The more important advantages of trade credit as finance essay ideas source of short-term finance are the following: Trade credit is a finannce source of finance.

It can be easily adjusted to the changing needs for purchases. Commercial banks are essentially dealers essay short-term credit ieas finance current assets or circulating capital. Merchant banking institutions offer variety of services like promotion, syndication of projects, investment advice, management advisory services, acceptance credit and discount services, etc.

Bank loans and advances are available in the form of cash credit and overdraft. Idwas banks also provide short-term finance by discounting bills of exchange.

The rate of interest on bank credit is fairly high. But the burden is not excessive because it is used for short periods and is compensated by profitable use of the funds.

Short-term funds may be available from finance companies on the security of assets. Some finance companies also provide funds through leasing.


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